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Matt R. Grilz

President/ CEO

ext. 11

duane rice

Duane Rice

Sales Specialist

ext. 12

Aaron McCord

Quality Manager

ext. 14

Marie Kopras

CFO/ VP of Finance & Administration

ext. 20

Justin Fread

EHS & Facilities Manager

ext. 24

John Dulaney

COO/ VP of Sales & Operations

ext. 28

Lori Bleskacek

Human Resource Generalist

ext. 42

Josh Ellis

Production Scheduling

651-789-7650 ext. 50

Rick Peterson

Sales Specialist

651-789-7650 ext. 51

Joe Delaney

Sr. Accounting Manager

651-789-7650 ext. 52

Parris Vitela

Logistics Manager

651-789-7650 ext.56