Lab and Testing Facilities

Thermo-Jerrell-Ash Atomcomp 181 Spectrometer

Pier Foundry tests samples poured daily to measure and verify iron composition.

ElectroNite Datacast 2000

Prior to every tap our furnace operator tests a small sample of molten iron to verify carbon & silicon levels.

Microstructure Analysis

When producing ductile iron, Pier Foundry pours a sample every 20 minutes to check the microstructure and nodularity.

Hartley Sand Control System

Our Hartley sand control system monitors each batch of sand used to produce molds. It monitors bond level, moisture content, compactability and temperature.

Complete Sand and Metal Testing Laboratories

Pier Foundry has in house capabilities to manually test sand for compactability, green strength, bond level, and moisture level.

MAGMASOFT Solidification Modeling

Pier Foundry can utilizes MAGMASOFT to simulate pouring an iron casting. Selected pattern tools can go through multiple simulations in order to find the optimum pouring conditions. This saves time and money by allowing for adjustments to be made to the pattern, gating, and risers prior to sampling on the production floor.

Romer Arm (CMM)

Our CMM allows us to provide full dimensional layouts on castings and tooling. We can also check directly back to a 3D Cad model.