Pier Foundry & Pattern Shop operates a 48,000 square foot facility. We are conveniently located near all major interstate highways on the west side of the Mississippi River just 2 miles from the heart of downtown St. Paul, Minnesota.

We Offer the Following Molding Capabilities:

 Sinto FBO-IIS 16×20 Automatic Molding Machine – New 2024

B&P 16×20 Matchblowmatic Automatic Molding Machine

Hunter 20 HLM 20×24  Automatic Molding Machine – New 2023

Sinto FBO IIIS 20×24 Automatic Molding Machine –New 2020

Pier Foundry maintains a secure pattern storage area. All patterns are numerically stamped and categorized in our computer system by customer, size and part number. Pier Foundry also has ample space for large pattern equipment.