Equipment List

Pattern Shop

  • HAAS VF- 3SSYT Super Speed Vertical Machining Center
  • Wood or Urethane Master Patterns
  • Cast Aluminum Match Plate Production Patterns
  • CNC Machined Wood, Urethane or Aluminum Production Patterns
  • Wood, Urethane, Aluminum & Cast Iron Core Boxes
  • Repair, Rigging & Refurbishing Patterns & Core Boxes

Core Department

  • Dependable Shell Core Machines: two S-100, two S-200, and one S-400
  • Shalco U-180 Shell Core Machine
  • Whirl Air 300 lbs./minute No Bake sand mixer
  • Palmer CM-25 Core Blower with Turntable (Phenolic Urethane)
  • Palmer M-50 No Bake Sand Mixer (Sodium Silicate)

Molding Department

  • Roberts Sinto 16 x 20 FBO-II Automatic Molding Machine with Vulcan Mold Handler
  • B&P 16x20 Matchblowmatic Automatic Molding Machine with Vulcan Mold Handler
  • Hunter HMP 20H 20x24 (capable of 14x19) Automatic Molding Machine with Vulcan Mold Handler
  • Osborne 722 Cope & Drag Molding Machines, for flask sizes: 30x30 28x38

Melting Department

  • Inductotherm 5 metric ton, medium frequency Induction Melting Furnace
  • Hercules Electronite Data Cast 2000
  • D&E Tight Cover Mark IV Ductile Iron Treatment Ladle

Cleaning & Grinding Department

  • Palmer Maus Grinding Cell Sam 300 G
  • Wheelabrator 28 cu. Ft & 14 cu. Ft. Tumblast Machines
  • Pangborn 6 ft. Table Blast Machine
  • Fox 30x2 Snag Grinders (6)
  • 8 x 60 Belt Sander
  • Various hand held tools

Testing & Quality

  • SpectroMaxx Spectrometer
  • MAGMASOFT Solidification Modeling Software
  • SolidWorks2010 Modeling Software
  • Hartley Sand Control System
  • Complete Sand & Metal Testing Lab
  • Coordinate Measuring Machine (Romer Arm)


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phone: 651-222-4461  fax: 651-222-4185
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